08/15/13 - Latest update added!

We have just updated all of our panels to support Minecraft versions up to latest release, you can choose which version you'd like to use in the multicraft control panel.

06/25/13 - Update to version 1.7.4!

Servers have been updated to the latest 1.7.4 Minecraft version. You may choose which version you'd like to host on your server in the server control panel.

03/23/13 - Upgrade to version 1.5!

After a quite long time we have now finally updated all of our nodes to a Minecraft version 1.5. Everything should run smoothly if not, please open a ticket!

03/21/13 - Adventure Map upgrade!

Hello fellow users of FreeMinecraftHosting! We have just recently done a few new things to our servers. We have upgraded the servers so now they should be able to hold up to 48 players without any lag. Anothe one is a new Adventure Map, you can choose between 8 new Adventure Maps to put on your server. You can do this in the Control Panel

12/24/12 - Update to Dedicated Servers

We are now updating our servers and moving to a dedicated servers located in London. This should get us even better uptime and hopefully we will be able to host even more Free Minecraft Servers for our customers!

11/10/12 - Another Dedicated Node

We have just received our new dedicated server node where we will be able to host up to 30 servers, currently we are working to upgrade them to the latest Minecraft version.